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“with eyes open wide, smilin’ up into the skies”: anna

You know those people that light up a room with their smile? Well, this girl is definitely at the top of that list.

Our family has been blessed to have Anna be one of our babysitters … our girls just adore her (as do I.) She’s beautiful, crafty, sporty, smart and kind-hearted … you know, all-good-things-rolled-up-into-a-cute-little-package. I was so glad to get to know her a little better during her senior photo session. Turns out, we share a love for Josh Garrels and Tim Foreman (but then again, who in their right mind wouldn’t?) :) And I’m just in love with her dimples, California-summer-time hair and her awesome sense of style.

Anna, your future is as bright as your smile and you’re going to go on to do marvelous things. I just know it.

This song makes me think of where you are in your life an all that you’re about to become:

“The times are changin’ I can feel it in my bones
Cause I’m standing on the edge of the other side of all that I’ve known
It’s been a long time comin’ I take one last breath
With my eyes open wide, smilin’ up into the skies, it begins with a step

For the world awaits
Like a mother celebrates
A child who’s life’s begun
Step across that line
Out into the sunshine
O Lord, my time has come
I’m gonna run
I’m gonna run”
(“Run” by Josh Garrels) … go on … listen to it here … you know you want to.

Couldn’t resist squeezing in a quick photo of her stylist/sister. :)












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4 Responses to ““with eyes open wide, smilin’ up into the skies”: anna”

  1. Kelsi Timm says:

    She really is beautiful inside and out!! Good luck this fall at college! I can’t wait to see what The Lord has planned!!

  2. Deb Weaver says:

    soooo lovely… you captured the beauty of Anna, soooooo well Stacy!
    love & hugz! BLESSINGs on YOU, Anna (see you before you head out!)

  3. Jamie Steffl says:

    I taught middle school art to Anna. She was a ray of sunshine. Beautiful photos of a beautiful soul. Stacy you are a great photographer. I wish We would have connected when I lived in Alex. I now live near Morgan. What a small world. Keep making magic with your photos.

    • stacy kron says:

      Hi Jamie!
      Sorry it’s taken this long for me to reply, but thanks so much for taking the time to leave a note. Small world! That’s so cool that you know Anna and that you taught art in Alex. I think my parents live only a few miles away from you (on Midway Avenue) … and the last time I was back home I had plans to stop in to your store, but ran out of time. :( I love your style and hopefully we can connect in person sometime!

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